At No Cost

Asked what penis stretcher we would buy or what methods of penis enlargement we would use if money was no problem the answer was an easy one. Of course not everyone can afford these methods so we have put a few alternatives in for the people that can manage a bit less than our favourite method.

If money is no problem we would opt for the Size Genetics to use throughout the day with a Phallosan to use as an ANS (All Night Stretcher). We would additionally put in about half an hour of exercises called Jelqs every day. This will give you the best gains at a very fast pace.

The exercises would break down the cells the fastest. When they are broken down the Size Genetics will cause even more microtears and hold your penis extended for a good amount of time and this will mean the penis will start healing in a stretched state. The cells would start repairing while the Size Genetics penis stretcher is worn and will provide quick gains.

The most important item is the Phallosan. The greatest problem with penis extenders is that they can’t be used effectively through the night. If you read through any forum they will explain to you that overnight the penis “turtles” or in other words it shrinks back into the body. This is where the penis is while it repairs the cells which slows a majority of the gains. The Phallosan will keep your penis to stay stretched overnight which will in itself speed up results but also means you can use the penis stretcher less throughout the day giving you a lot more time to do get on with your life.

If you can’t afford the two then if you have enough money you should get the X4 Labs along with the Phallosan, the X4 with the discount being a lot cheaper at the moment at about £85.  For those with even less money available then all these products will all individually do a decent job but may take more time than a mix of the two. There is no reason to buy the X4 Labs with the Size Genetics together as they both do the same job.