At No Cost

Asked what penis stretcher we would buy or what methods of penis enlargement we would use if money was no problem the answer was an easy one. Of course not everyone can afford these methods so we have put a few alternatives in for the people that can manage a bit less than our favourite method. If […]

What Gains Will I Get?

The big question for most people before they spend what is obviously quite a bit of money is what will they gain from these stretchers. The answer depends on so many things, there’s no point getting one if you are one of those people who will try something for a week and give up without immediate […]

How Extenders Work

All of the penis stretchers work in the same way. They stretch the penis to beyond it’s normal limits and breaks down the cells of the penis. The penis then creates brand new cells in place of the broken ones and if the penis is stretched at this period then you should get more cells in place […]

Fastest Penis Enlargement

A lot people have attempted different methods of penis enlargementnow, some have tried different styles together. We set 3 sets up to try this and got some brilliant results. You can look at my own personal experience on the sidebar under My Progress which I finished early because nobody seemed interested. You should see my own results were […]

Length Or girth?

This is a very old question and it must have been answered loads of times, is penis girth more important than penis length? The answer is obvious, it depends on who you are trying to satisfy or on yourself. Almost all women say that girth is of the most importance but ideally what is the use in having […]

Can Penis Extenders Fix A Curved Penis?

The amount of men who suffer with curvature of the penis is a lot higher than expected. Another thing people don’t understand is the problems it can cause. A man with this problem may find certain positions impossible and thus wrecks he enjoyment for his partner. If it is you with this problem then maybe […]

How To Make Your Penis Bigger

The only reason people come to this site is because you want to know how to make your penis bigger. There are a few ways, extenders being the best and fastest way but their are some good ones and some not so good. There are also ways to make better and faster gains but this all […]

FastSize Penis Extender Review

Fastsize is a new system on the market that guarantee you will see results, 25% to 35% is guaranteed while even more is easily possible. Penis traction devices are well known now as being the best way to get a bigger penis, even doctors support this fact and after surgery you are required to wear one. Imagine […]