Can Penis Extenders Fix A Curved Penis?

The amount of men who suffer with curvature of the penis is a lot higher than expected. Another thing people don’t understand is the problems it can cause. A man with this problem may find certain positions impossible and thus wrecks he enjoyment for his partner.

If it is you with this problem then maybe you don’t understand that there is a problem with your sex life. For instance, is every time your wife complains about being tired the real reason or could it be you just don’t do it for her any more. It may even be too sore for her to have sex as your penis is touching a painful spot.

The name for this is Peyronie’s disease but that is the hardest version of it. It may just be quite bent instead of really bad. The thing is as well as making some positions hard it also makes your penis look smaller. For starters if you measure something thats stands directly outward then it will measure tru size but something that is bent measures a lot smaller.

As far as sexual positions go if for instance your penis turns downwards then imagine trying to have sex from behind while the woman is standing. It can be very difficlut to even get inside her once without pumping back and fore, there is too much chance of coming out of her.

At last a non surgical optoin has been found. Extenders have been proven to correct curvature by 20 degrees. This has been proven in tests carried out by doctors who have given this product a CE class 1 certicate meaning it has medical qualities.

To correct curvature all you have to do is wear this extender for a certain amount of time. It’s like most things, if you for eg leave something in a certain position over time it will turn to that shape. A rubber tube put over a shape will eventually keep that shape even after it has been removed.

Another bonus of wearing the extender is that it will make you bigger as well enhancing your confidence and allowing you to try more positions. Don’t let a correctable problem cause to not try out good positions any more. Are you really sure the reason you are not getting enough attention from you wife is really the reason she’s giving you? If not then this has to be worth a few hours a day.