Fastest Penis Enlargement

A lot people have attempted different methods of penis enlargementnow, some have tried different styles together. We set 3 sets up to try this and got some brilliant results. You can look at my own personal experience on the sidebar under My Progress which I finished early because nobody seemed interested.

You should see my own results were going excellent and I have kept up with it with more results but never liked seeing myself on cam so stopped posting my results. The groups were also told that this was for our own use and these videos would not be posted.

This means you need to have our word on it or go to the sites at the reviews and check out the numerous testimonials or you could try a search on google. The people ranged in age and tried methods from penis exercisespenis extenders and penis pills. All of these are the most popular ways for a larger penis.

The results are that the group who tried the penis extenders and exercises made the best gains, on average 1.4 inches in the initial 3 months. Second was the Penis extenders and pills with results of 1.2inches and third were the pills and exercises which amazingly still got gains of 0.7 inches.

We of course expected the first two but didn’t think the third group would gain anything. What do we know though. Anyway, the smallest gain on the best group was a 0.9 inches larger penis so it appears to work for most people while even the second group made some gains. One person on the final group didn’t make gains and the best gain was 1.1 inches.

From these results we are confident enough to say that Penis extenders are the best way to a larger penis with all the groups gaining something. We did find that all 3 groups made some thickness gains, most noticeably in the best group again.

We can’t name the pills used but the penis extenders were all from our list of reviewed ones. The exercises were a mix of jelqs and squeezes. Not surprising to us is that the 2 people who received the best gains used the Size Genetics and X4 Labs both with length gains of about 1.8 inches.