How Extenders Work

All of the penis stretchers work in the same way. They stretch the penis to beyond it’s normal limits and breaks down the cells of the penis. The penis then creates brand new cells in place of the broken ones and if the penis is stretched at this period then you should get more cells in place them.

The image below shows a picture of a penis and names which parts are which and if you stick to the basis that the longer the penis is when it’s replacing cells the more cells should be made to replace them thus making the penis bigger. This, mind happens over time. Just because you stretch your 6 inch penis 8 inches and leave it there for a few hours doesn’t mean you will receive and maintain an 8 inch penis.

As you can see from this picture the penis is broken down into a few parts but the spongy ones are what you should concentrate on, after these are bigger then all of the penis is bigger. Also, I said above that you wouldn’t receive an 8 inch penis by keeping it extended for a few hours. I do know if you managed to spend a few months in this extended state without break that you will receive an 8 inch penis.

As it is these penis stretchers do need to come off for a short time each time allowing blood flow and to go to the toilet etc and most advise against nightly use. Of course work may be a problem for many people too. The more you use penis stretchers though the quicker you will gain as long as you use it properly.

Many of these penis stretchers have noose fittings which have to be removed every hour or so whilst others use a comfort strap which allows more wear time. Some have tension bars while others you just stretch as much as possible. Depending on the make will allow you different lengths of wear time, the more the better and quicker gains.