How To Make Your Penis Bigger

The only reason people come to this site is because you want to know how to make your penis bigger. There are a few ways, extenders being the best and fastest way but their are some good ones and some not so good. There are also ways to make better and faster gains but this all depends on the money you have to spend.

This page looks at the best way how to make your penis bigger while later on we will add 2 other pages. This one deals with the more expensive way while the third will be the cheapest so between the three you should find the best one to suit your financial situation.

The best method of how to get your penis bigger is to keep it extended for as long a period as possible. This means you will need an all night extender as well and the best of those is Phallosan. To know what make your penis bigger is easy to break down, you must break the cells down and let them heal themselves while extended, this will make more cells to fill the space.

There are plenty of “how to bigger your penis” sites and nearly all of them agree that simple exercises help to break the cells down the fastest. These are called Jelqs and can be found by following this link. These exercises are free The how to bigger your penis sites also agree that the longer you keep you penis extended the better and faster the gains will be.

This brings us onto the last and most important piece of equipment, the penis extender. We suggest you get the best one which also happens to be quite cheap at the moment because of the discount on it, that’s the Size Genetics which you can click the link to get to.

All 3 of these together will give you the best gains but this isn’t the cheapest method, In fact all told the total cost will come to a minimum of $500 which is about £330. The prices are broken down below and each item has links to it’s page. This is the most expensive method but by far the best as your penis is almost constantly being made bigger.

Exercises         –   Free
Phallosan        –   $299 or approx £200 as an all night extender
Size Genetics –   $200-$400 or £125-£250 depending on which model you buy, the cheapest one will do.

For those of you with less money look out for the second page of this article to come soon.