Length Or girth?

This is a very old question and it must have been answered loads of times, is penis girth more important than penis length? The answer is obvious, it depends on who you are trying to satisfy or on yourself.

Almost all women say that girth is of the most importance but ideally what is the use in having a penis which is 8 inches around  if it is only 4 inches in length. For some women i think it is a mixture of the two.

As well as that of course is that the lengthier your penis the less thick it appears. A man with 9 inches length and girth would look thinner than someone with just 6 inches length.

Girth is well established to enhance the satisfaction of the lady though by stretching the sides of the vagina and anus. Whilst stretched the sensitive nerves are even more tender and this makes sex a more pleasurable experience. Of course not all men can be 9 inches around.

That leads us to the following idea. Not every man will have massive penises such as the adult film stars. In fact the normal man is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches in length and just 4.7 to 5.2 inches thick. Anyone bigger than that would be able of giving the woman all the enjoyment she need.

A way to get to this size if you haven’t got this much is penis stretchers. As well as length they surprisingly add to thickness as well and over one inch in thickness has been very common increases. The length gains are of course an added bonus that no woman could refuse.

Possibly the important thing to remember though is that penis size is not the be all and end all of giving a lady pleasure. There is a lot more like romance or even if you want to keep it to sex you really ought to learn more about everything she likes. You may be surprised to learn that most women will tell you what she likes if you ask.