What Gains Will I Get?

The big question for most people before they spend what is obviously quite a bit of money is what will they gain from these stretchers. The answer depends on so many things, there’s no point getting one if you are one of those people who will try something for a week and give up without immediate results. We can tell you now this will take a few months to get the results you want, not weeks.

Most of these stretchers will give you about a third extra penis lengthand about a third in penis girth. I say most because some say 2 inches etc but they also say up to this much gain. The reason for that is a lot of people will give up quickly because it does not appear much. If you can imagine gaining 2 inches over six months then that is the equivalent of one third of an inch each month.

That seems very little and is very hard to see without a ruler. I think the best comparison is if you see your child daily then over a year you can hardly notice him or her growing but if a distant relative or friend sees them a year later they can’t believe how much they will have grown. The fact is you will make the whole 2 inches over six months if they say you will and you stick to the schedule they provide.

Like I stated though most say you will gain one third, that means anyone starting with six inches will gain 2 inches but anyone with more could well gain extra than the 2 inches. Someone with a four inch penis though will be lucky to gain the full 2 inches though it is possible if you keep wearing the stretchers.

The figures they give are only good if you stay with the schedule for the whole six months though but that goes both ways. If you carry on wearing the stretchers after the six months you will of course keep gaining. Most of these stretchers though require you to build up the time that you wear them for so there will come a time when you can’t increase the time any more.