At No Cost

Asked what penis stretcher we would buy or what methods of penis enlargement we would use if money was no problem the answer was an easy one. Of course not everyone can afford these methods so we have put a few alternatives in for the people that can manage a bit less than our favourite method.

If money is no problem we would opt for the Size Genetics to use throughout the day with a Phallosan to use as an ANS (All Night Stretcher). We would additionally put in about half an hour of exercises called Jelqs every day. This will give you the best gains at a very fast pace.

The exercises would break down the cells the fastest. When they are broken down the Size Genetics will cause even more microtears and hold your penis extended for a good amount of time and this will mean the penis will start healing in a stretched state. The cells would start repairing while the Size Genetics penis stretcher is worn and will provide quick gains.

The most important item is the Phallosan. The greatest problem with penis extenders is that they can’t be used effectively through the night. If you read through any forum they will explain to you that overnight the penis “turtles” or in other words it shrinks back into the body. This is where the penis is while it repairs the cells which slows a majority of the gains. The Phallosan will keep your penis to stay stretched overnight which will in itself speed up results but also means you can use the penis stretcher less throughout the day giving you a lot more time to do get on with your life.

If you can’t afford the two then if you have enough money you should get the X4 Labs along with the Phallosan, the X4 with the discount being a lot cheaper at the moment at about £85.  For those with even less money available then all these products will all individually do a decent job but may take more time than a mix of the two. There is no reason to buy the X4 Labs with the Size Genetics together as they both do the same job.

What Gains Will I Get?

The big question for most people before they spend what is obviously quite a bit of money is what will they gain from these stretchers. The answer depends on so many things, there’s no point getting one if you are one of those people who will try something for a week and give up without immediate results. We can tell you now this will take a few months to get the results you want, not weeks.

Most of these stretchers will give you about a third extra penis lengthand about a third in penis girth. I say most because some say 2 inches etc but they also say up to this much gain. The reason for that is a lot of people will give up quickly because it does not appear much. If you can imagine gaining 2 inches over six months then that is the equivalent of one third of an inch each month.

That seems very little and is very hard to see without a ruler. I think the best comparison is if you see your child daily then over a year you can hardly notice him or her growing but if a distant relative or friend sees them a year later they can’t believe how much they will have grown. The fact is you will make the whole 2 inches over six months if they say you will and you stick to the schedule they provide.

Like I stated though most say you will gain one third, that means anyone starting with six inches will gain 2 inches but anyone with more could well gain extra than the 2 inches. Someone with a four inch penis though will be lucky to gain the full 2 inches though it is possible if you keep wearing the stretchers.

The figures they give are only good if you stay with the schedule for the whole six months though but that goes both ways. If you carry on wearing the stretchers after the six months you will of course keep gaining. Most of these stretchers though require you to build up the time that you wear them for so there will come a time when you can’t increase the time any more.

How Extenders Work

All of the penis stretchers work in the same way. They stretch the penis to beyond it’s normal limits and breaks down the cells of the penis. The penis then creates brand new cells in place of the broken ones and if the penis is stretched at this period then you should get more cells in place them.

The image below shows a picture of a penis and names which parts are which and if you stick to the basis that the longer the penis is when it’s replacing cells the more cells should be made to replace them thus making the penis bigger. This, mind happens over time. Just because you stretch your 6 inch penis 8 inches and leave it there for a few hours doesn’t mean you will receive and maintain an 8 inch penis.

As you can see from this picture the penis is broken down into a few parts but the spongy ones are what you should concentrate on, after these are bigger then all of the penis is bigger. Also, I said above that you wouldn’t receive an 8 inch penis by keeping it extended for a few hours. I do know if you managed to spend a few months in this extended state without break that you will receive an 8 inch penis.

As it is these penis stretchers do need to come off for a short time each time allowing blood flow and to go to the toilet etc and most advise against nightly use. Of course work may be a problem for many people too. The more you use penis stretchers though the quicker you will gain as long as you use it properly.

Many of these penis stretchers have noose fittings which have to be removed every hour or so whilst others use a comfort strap which allows more wear time. Some have tension bars while others you just stretch as much as possible. Depending on the make will allow you different lengths of wear time, the more the better and quicker gains.

Fastest Penis Enlargement

A lot people have attempted different methods of penis enlargementnow, some have tried different styles together. We set 3 sets up to try this and got some brilliant results. You can look at my own personal experience on the sidebar under My Progress which I finished early because nobody seemed interested.

You should see my own results were going excellent and I have kept up with it with more results but never liked seeing myself on cam so stopped posting my results. The groups were also told that this was for our own use and these videos would not be posted.

This means you need to have our word on it or go to the sites at the reviews and check out the numerous testimonials or you could try a search on google. The people ranged in age and tried methods from penis exercisespenis extenders and penis pills. All of these are the most popular ways for a larger penis.

The results are that the group who tried the penis extenders and exercises made the best gains, on average 1.4 inches in the initial 3 months. Second was the Penis extenders and pills with results of 1.2inches and third were the pills and exercises which amazingly still got gains of 0.7 inches.

We of course expected the first two but didn’t think the third group would gain anything. What do we know though. Anyway, the smallest gain on the best group was a 0.9 inches larger penis so it appears to work for most people while even the second group made some gains. One person on the final group didn’t make gains and the best gain was 1.1 inches.

From these results we are confident enough to say that Penis extenders are the best way to a larger penis with all the groups gaining something. We did find that all 3 groups made some thickness gains, most noticeably in the best group again.

We can’t name the pills used but the penis extenders were all from our list of reviewed ones. The exercises were a mix of jelqs and squeezes. Not surprising to us is that the 2 people who received the best gains used the Size Genetics and X4 Labs both with length gains of about 1.8 inches.

Length Or girth?

This is a very old question and it must have been answered loads of times, is penis girth more important than penis length? The answer is obvious, it depends on who you are trying to satisfy or on yourself.

Almost all women say that girth is of the most importance but ideally what is the use in having a penis which is 8 inches around  if it is only 4 inches in length. For some women i think it is a mixture of the two.

As well as that of course is that the lengthier your penis the less thick it appears. A man with 9 inches length and girth would look thinner than someone with just 6 inches length.

Girth is well established to enhance the satisfaction of the lady though by stretching the sides of the vagina and anus. Whilst stretched the sensitive nerves are even more tender and this makes sex a more pleasurable experience. Of course not all men can be 9 inches around.

That leads us to the following idea. Not every man will have massive penises such as the adult film stars. In fact the normal man is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches in length and just 4.7 to 5.2 inches thick. Anyone bigger than that would be able of giving the woman all the enjoyment she need.

A way to get to this size if you haven’t got this much is penis stretchers. As well as length they surprisingly add to thickness as well and over one inch in thickness has been very common increases. The length gains are of course an added bonus that no woman could refuse.

Possibly the important thing to remember though is that penis size is not the be all and end all of giving a lady pleasure. There is a lot more like romance or even if you want to keep it to sex you really ought to learn more about everything she likes. You may be surprised to learn that most women will tell you what she likes if you ask.

Why choose a penis extender over enlargement surgery?

There are loads of different ways to increase penis length but which one works the best? We will look at various ways below to decide which has the most benefits and the plus and minus of each.

Price – Penis enlargement surgery can cost as much as a couple thousand pounds. For starters there’s the cost for doctors and all the other staff needed. You then have to add the price of the room and nurses. A Size-Genetics is under £250 at the moment and is with you for good.

Results – Enlargement surgery has been well documented to go wrong. Some people have even passed out after seing the way their penis looked after surgery. Apart from the looks there have been cases where the penis is non functional. Surgery doesn’t even guarantee results or a bigger penis. Size Genetics is a class one device meaning it has been proved works and is safe. There are no risks, no pain and you can definitely gain more than with surgery.

Guarantees – Surgery doesn’t have any guarantees and if it goes wrong there is nothing you can do about it. You have just wasted hard earned money on something that has left you with nothing or worse, deformed. Size Genetics has a full 6 month guarantee. If you are not happy with the penis extender then just return it.

Risks – If an operation goes wrong then you have to live with it for the rest of your life. This could mean looking deformed or it could mean not capable of sex for good. If Size Gentics Penis Extender doesn’t work you have lost nothing as you can even get a refund.

Overall – For about a tenth of the price you can have an item with less risk, less pain and costs less. It doesn’t take a genius to work out the right option.

Can Penis Extenders Fix A Curved Penis?

The amount of men who suffer with curvature of the penis is a lot higher than expected. Another thing people don’t understand is the problems it can cause. A man with this problem may find certain positions impossible and thus wrecks he enjoyment for his partner.

If it is you with this problem then maybe you don’t understand that there is a problem with your sex life. For instance, is every time your wife complains about being tired the real reason or could it be you just don’t do it for her any more. It may even be too sore for her to have sex as your penis is touching a painful spot.

The name for this is Peyronie’s disease but that is the hardest version of it. It may just be quite bent instead of really bad. The thing is as well as making some positions hard it also makes your penis look smaller. For starters if you measure something thats stands directly outward then it will measure tru size but something that is bent measures a lot smaller.

As far as sexual positions go if for instance your penis turns downwards then imagine trying to have sex from behind while the woman is standing. It can be very difficlut to even get inside her once without pumping back and fore, there is too much chance of coming out of her.

At last a non surgical optoin has been found. Extenders have been proven to correct curvature by 20 degrees. This has been proven in tests carried out by doctors who have given this product a CE class 1 certicate meaning it has medical qualities.

To correct curvature all you have to do is wear this extender for a certain amount of time. It’s like most things, if you for eg leave something in a certain position over time it will turn to that shape. A rubber tube put over a shape will eventually keep that shape even after it has been removed.

Another bonus of wearing the extender is that it will make you bigger as well enhancing your confidence and allowing you to try more positions. Don’t let a correctable problem cause to not try out good positions any more. Are you really sure the reason you are not getting enough attention from you wife is really the reason she’s giving you? If not then this has to be worth a few hours a day.

How To Make Your Penis Bigger

The only reason people come to this site is because you want to know how to make your penis bigger. There are a few ways, extenders being the best and fastest way but their are some good ones and some not so good. There are also ways to make better and faster gains but this all depends on the money you have to spend.

This page looks at the best way how to make your penis bigger while later on we will add 2 other pages. This one deals with the more expensive way while the third will be the cheapest so between the three you should find the best one to suit your financial situation.

The best method of how to get your penis bigger is to keep it extended for as long a period as possible. This means you will need an all night extender as well and the best of those is Phallosan. To know what make your penis bigger is easy to break down, you must break the cells down and let them heal themselves while extended, this will make more cells to fill the space.

There are plenty of “how to bigger your penis” sites and nearly all of them agree that simple exercises help to break the cells down the fastest. These are called Jelqs and can be found by following this link. These exercises are free The how to bigger your penis sites also agree that the longer you keep you penis extended the better and faster the gains will be.

This brings us onto the last and most important piece of equipment, the penis extender. We suggest you get the best one which also happens to be quite cheap at the moment because of the discount on it, that’s the Size Genetics which you can click the link to get to.

All 3 of these together will give you the best gains but this isn’t the cheapest method, In fact all told the total cost will come to a minimum of $500 which is about £330. The prices are broken down below and each item has links to it’s page. This is the most expensive method but by far the best as your penis is almost constantly being made bigger.

Exercises         –   Free
Phallosan        –   $299 or approx £200 as an all night extender
Size Genetics –   $200-$400 or £125-£250 depending on which model you buy, the cheapest one will do.

For those of you with less money look out for the second page of this article to come soon.

FastSize Penis Extender Review

Fastsize is a new system on the market that guarantee you will see results, 25% to 35% is guaranteed while even more is easily possible.

Penis traction devices are well known now as being the best way to get a bigger penis, even doctors support this fact and after surgery you are required to wear one.

Imagine gaining an extra minimum 25%. That means going from a 6 inch penis to 7.5 inches and even 50% up to 9 inches. Imagine the look on your girlfriends face.

Are penis extenders recommended by Doctors?

Yes, all penis extenders including the Fastsize penis extender are recommended by doctors and are now accepted as a great way to make your penis grow.

How can I be sure the Fastsize penis enlarger will work?

Fastsize are that sure you will see 25% to 35% gains they offer a guarantee service.

With a 99% approval of our product we feel secure enough to do this. The average gain is about 2inches length and 1.5inches girth but just as good is the 100% gain you get in a flacid state.

How To Use An Extender

Basically what happens is when you wear an extender the cells break down and then with the Fastsize penis extender holding your penis in an extended state the cells replicate to fill the penis.

To do this the cells divide making the penis hold more cells than before. This is a very simplistic explanation and you can find more information at our main site at Fastsize.

With the basic penis extender pack you will get everything you need to make your penis grow. The fastsize extender comes with things like spare parts, manuals, dvds and cases.

The advanced package also comes with extras such as creams, lubricants, guides and most importantly a virility cream all for an extra $50.

What benefits will i get from a bigger penis?

Lots, apart from extra self confidence you will find your sexual encounters get a big boost. Even with an average penis size most men will find some positions awkward to get into, some from the Kama Sutra impossible to get in to.

Also you will never be scared to get into a mens shower again. The main advantage though is hearing your girlfriend or wife moan twice as loud as usual as you hit spots you’ve never managed before. If you’ve never heard her scream from orgasms before then this is a must for you.

Important News Now In

Unfortunately the Fastsize penis extender is no longer available to buy. This is a big shame as it was a good product with only two that we reviewed being better.

X4 Labs was one with our top score going to Size Genetics, we advise you to take a look at these instead.

Phallosan Review

Phallosan is a penis stretcher that has gone through clinical studies to show that it really does enlarge the penis. Phallosan is a well known system throughout Europe due to its effectiveness; it can even be purchased from Pharmacies in Germany!

Unlike normal stretchers, Phallosan also uses a vacuum protector to help regulate blood flow. It is this unique combination which has allowed people to benefit from additional length and extra girth for the past several years.

By stretching the penis it causes tiny micro tears within the penis tissues, as the tissues repair it will increase the length and width of the penis. The recommended time to wear the device for is 8-10 hours; the device can be worn either throughout the day or during the night.

How do you wear The Phallosan Device

The device has been designed to be very simple to wear and will only take a couple of minutes to attach it to the penis.

The device comes with a special stretch condom that goes on the penis and is the rolled down to the bottom of the shaft.

The loop is then attached to one part of the orthopaedic belt; the loop is then placed over the penis. The belt is then taken around the waist and attaches to the other end of the loop.

Unlike other devices that can cause the penis to slip, with Phallosan the penis is securely in place and has no chance of slipping out and causing any embarrassment.

Simply wear the device day or night for 8-10 hours, all you need to do is change the direction of stretch every 2 days.

Phallosan Benefits

This unique combination of stretcher and vacuum can give you benefits such as;

  • Extra 1.9 inches length
  • Improved girth by 1 inch
  • Straighten curve
  • Receive medical type 1 device
  • Gone through clinical trials
  • Improved confidence

Results of Clinical Study

For reassurance that a penis enlargement device will work, you want it to have gone through clinical studies. Phallosan went through one of these studies in Germany; this was done in 2005 at a urological clinic.

During this study a group of men looking not to just enlarge the penis but also looking to resolve problems after prostate surgery, some men were also looking to help straighten the penis. These men where aged 20-68 and had worn the device for a 6 month period.

Every single one of them had seen an increase in both penis length and girth, the amount of gain they received did vary on the amount of time they wore the device for. The more it was worn, the better the size gains there.

Why You Should Buy Phallosan

Phallosan is one of the recommended penis enlargement devices due to the effective results that people have seen in a short time scale. With its unique combination of stretching the penis and applying a vacuum people have not only see size gains but additional benefits such an increased blood flow.

Due to the unique design, you can be assured that it is both safe and effective. Benefits that you could see from Phallosan are;

  • Extra 1.9 inches length
  • Improved girth by 1 inch
  • Straighten curve
  • Receive medical type 1 device
  • Gone through clinical trials
  • Improved confidence

Our rating for this penis stretcher

This got our top rating of 93 out of 100

We gave this the same score as Size Genetics as it works well to extend your penis but has the advantage of being able to be used alongside other penis extenders such as Size Genetics if you already have one. You can buy the Phallosan Penis Stretcher for about $299.